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We use the latest technology in treating your podiatric concerns and pride ourselves in pain-free effective methods of treating all your foot related ailments


We pride ourselves in pain-free methods of treating all your foot related ailments.


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Downtown Foot Clinic Services

Equipped with licensed Chiropodists and foot specialists, we use the latest technology in treating your podiatric concerns and specialize in the use of orthotics, orthopedic footwear, compression stockings, and laser therapy.

Chiropody Consultation

Work with one of our Licensed Chiropodists to identify all of your foot needs.

Custom Orthotics

We specialize in custom orthotics to treat your symptoms.


We offer a variety of high quality, modern orthopedic shoes to fit your everyday needs

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are equipped with a gradual compression system that prevents blood from pooling and help return your blood back to the heart

Shockwave Treatment

Delivers high-energy shock waves to the tissue via the skin. Activates your body’s self-healing processes where pain occurs.

Laser Nail Treatment

Laser wart treatment is one of the most effective methods of treating resistant plantar warts.

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